A Good Closet is a Girl’s Best Friend

Proper storage of your fashion finds is just as important as the way you look when you wear them.  It makes no sense to spend half your paycheck on luxurious silks, cashmere sweaters and wool slacks if your only storage solution is to pile them on the treadmill you bought to help you slim down enough to wear them.  With so many beautiful choices in apparel each season, it’s no wonder our closets quickly fill up.  Rather than cram another garment into a space which is sagging from the weight of multiple items on a hanger, or fall over the pile of shoes by the door, take some time and shop Home Depot for closet organizing solutions.  You’ll be surprised to find there is a solution to that clothes pile that been building up in the back of the closet for years.

You’ll find lots of clothes closet hacks online, and most of them have you running to the dollar hut or some other bargain bin.  These cute little solutions are temporary at best, and won’t provide the quality solutions your wardrobe deserves.  By the time you add up all the dollars you’ve spent on kite string and shoe boxes, you can search Groupon and find discounts for closet solutions from Home Depot.  And if it’s dollars you want to save, use a Groupon from their site and save a ton of them.  Groupon has codes you can activate that will save you as much as 40% on select merchandise, plus special codes and exclusive deals that can save even more when you shop Home Depot for closet storage and organization solutions.  Whether you want a do-it-yourself wire organization system, or a professionally installed 20’x40’ addition, you can sit and shop from the convenience of your home or office and order everything you need.

The best hack of all is to simply take the time each season to clear away those unused items that you have been hanging onto hoping you’ll wear them again someday.  At the end of each season, you should properly dry clean your clothes to remove stains, or scents that might attract moths.  Pin a note to the item with the date you last wore it when you put it away.  When a year has passed since you last wore it, it’s time to send it off to the non-profit of your choice.  Or better yet, organize a clothes swap party with your friends and trade it away.